2001.10.20 22:51 "libtiff build/install braindamage", by Bob Friesenhahn

2001.10.22 13:30 "Re: libtiff build/install braindamage", by Bob Friesenhahn

I looked at the currently handling for finding the INSTALL macro value, and it seems that as long as it isn't overridden in config.site, and it isn't an irix system, the generic install.sh script in libtiff-*/port should be used. What value was selected for INSTALL on your system?

The documentation implies that a "BSD compatible" install is required. Since GNU install is generally "BSD compatible", I inserted


in config.local.

What sorts of problems did you encounter during the build and install process? If you raise more specific points, they might be corrected.

It is not clear which options are determined by the configure script vs options which must be explicitly specified.

It seems strange to look under the heading "Modifying the TIFF Library" in order to find the options to configure the library itself.

I ended up creating a config.local file containing:

LLDOPTS="-L/usr/local/lib -R/usr/local/lib"

One problem I see with libtiff is that when the shared library is built, the shared library does not know its dependencies, e.g.:

% ldd libtiff/libtiff.so

even though this libtiff.so actually depends on libjpeg.so and libz.so. The lack of dependency info makes libtiff.so more difficult to use under systems that support embedded library dependencies. These systems could automatically produce the extra libraries that libtiff.so depends on at link time.

We will consider upgrading to use autoconf at some point, as I do on a number of my other projects; however as Mike and I felt our way around libtiff after taking over maintenance we weren't too keen on a major change in build approach. There also hasn't been a compelling reason to do so.

The texlive project already uses autoconf to configure libtiff, but their scheme is tightly woven with the rest of texlive. If I had the cycles, I would contribute a better build environment.

PS. the "software flywheel" link on your home page 404s.

Fixed. See "http://www.simplesystems.org/users/bfriesen/software_flywheel.html". Enjoy.

Bob Friesenhahn