2001.11.09 15:33 "Two questions re/ Windows ...", by Peter Davis

2001.11.11 00:08 "Re: Two questions re/ Windows ...", by Leonard Rosenthol

It's stored in the Adobe "private data" (though fully documented in the Photoshop SDK) area along with other things. It's stored as a vector description (it's a clipping PATH after all ;).

I've just succeeded in isolating the TIFF preview from the EPS file, and it appears to contain both a clipping path and an alpha mask.

Certainly possible...

From looking at all the one pixel nooks and crannies in my samples, it appears that Quark is actually using the alpha mask, rather than the clipping path, to display the EPS preview.

OK. That's certainly Quark's choice ;).

ImageMagick includes an API call that will return the clipping path information to you in the form of an SVG snippet.

Thanks again. Is there a function to return the alpha mask? That might allow me to set up a Windows clipping region to mask the image on screen.

Sure, when you get the image, it will include the alpha channel in the image itself. HOWEVER, if you are going to use a Windows clipping region, then I would get the clipping path from the image instead since it's already in path form.