2001.10.20 22:51 "libtiff build/install braindamage", by Bob Friesenhahn

2001.10.22 13:10 "Re: libtiff build/install braindamage", by Frank Warmerdam

I haven't upgraded libtiff on my machine (Solaris 2.6 + gcc) in two years. At that time libtiff had new owners, and I assumed that libtiff would be updated to configure and compile like 99.9% of open-source software packages. I was wrong. The Unix build/install environment is even more undecipherable and broken now than it was two years ago. Instead of moving forward, it has moved backward.

After an hour of working to get libtiff configured (which should be a mindless, trivial, task) I finally got it to build. Now when I go to install I find that there is no install program on my machine (GNU install, BSD install, or SYSV install) that supports the -idb option which is embedded in each and every Makefile.in.


I looked at the currently handling for finding the INSTALL macro value, and it seems that as long as it isn't overridden in config.site, and it isn't an irix system, the generic install.sh script in libtiff-*/port should be used. What value was selected for INSTALL on your system?

What sorts of problems did you encounter during the build and install process? If you raise more specific points, they might be corrected.

We will consider upgrading to use autoconf at some point, as I do on a number of my other projects; however as Mike and I felt our way around libtiff after taking over maintenance we weren't too keen on a major change in build approach. There also hasn't been a compelling reason to do so.

PS. the "software flywheel" link on your home page 404s.


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