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October 1999

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1999.10.29 08:30 "about Tiff printer", by <>
1999.10.29 14:27 "Re: about Tiff printer", by Chris Barker

1999.10.29 14:27 "Re: about Tiff printer", by Chris Barker

I suggest you buy our tiff printer driver! If you don't want to
pay the price $(380) then you can try writing one, but writing
a printer driver is not a trivial project. There is some sample
source code in the Microsoft DDK (device driver kit) but its
still no picnic.

Note that for Windows 9x, you still need to write a 16-bit
driver!!! (and you thought we had finally escaped 16-bit
code with segment limitations!)

For Windows NT, there is much less in the way of samples. So
you lose or you lose. Thank you Microsoft.

There is also the problem that simple raster-file writers depend
on calling the *disply driver*(!) to do their rendering! So a
broken display driver (which all too many are, surprisingly)
can cause your print-to-raster to fail mysteriously. Great.

> Now I want to convert all kinds doc to tiff image on windows platform. Some
> friends told me i need a tiff printer driver. But i know few about driver.
> Who can give me some source code all any suggestions?
> Xiaodong

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