2000.01.19 12:26 "Unicode build of libtiff?", by Dirk Haun

2000.01.20 14:21 "RE: Unicode build of libtiff?", by Dirk Haun

My understanding is that since the TIFF spec doesn't say anything about 2 byte wide characters, all text tags would have to be narrow for other software to read them.

It seems that any new image spec which includes text descriptions must support Unicode.

Well, for now my concern was only to change libtiff so that I can do a unicode build of it and link it statically to a unicode project I'm currently working on. I don't want to store any content in unicode (yet).

Of course, I would like to see the changes I need to make be incorporated into libtiff so that I don't have to do them again when the next version comes out.

How do non-Windows/MS platforms handle unicode builds? I mean, if the changes I described earlier are only necessary for MSVC then it probably doesn't make sense incorporating them into libtiff itself.


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