2000.01.19 12:26 "Unicode build of libtiff?", by Dirk Haun

2000.01.19 23:13 "RE: Unicode build of libtiff?", by Bryan H. Maret

The (still unreleased) TIFF 7.0 spec does provide a 2-byte Unicode data type, and Unicode versions of all of the Baseline text fields. Yet another reason that I wish Adobe would release the spec....

I don't know enough about Unicode to comment on Leonard's suggestion about encoding into UTF-8. Would that break a non-Unicode-aware Baseline TIFF reader? The current TIFF 7 spec gets around this compatibility problem by providing two fields for each piece of text - one Unicode and one ASCII. The Unicode field is always optional, even if the older 8-bit version is required.

-Bryan Maret