2007.01.17 02:25 "[Tiff] Elevation Data", by Craig Bruce

2007.01.17 19:03 "Re: [Tiff] Elevation Data", by Frank Warmerdam

So that leaves either b), or either agreeing a 'just anything' scheme doesn't work. I have some major remarks with the dynamic scheme. For starters, it's a two-pass scheme. Your algorithm needs to browse through the complete data before it's able to derive a range and make sense of the first pixel. That's no problem if images are small and/or buffered, but it doesn't scale to progressive streamed handling if big images.


I'm not sure where progressive streaming came into this. My OpenEV viewer already does dynamic sampling of non-8bit TIFF files and automatic contrast stretch. It doesn't require too much extra time, and it provides excellent quick display of a wide variety of scientific data, including elevation data.

Conversely, much imagery doesn't use its full range. Normal photographic material, for example, doesn't use the brightest white, nor does it contain patches of pure black. That's intentional, that's the actual image. Your dynamic range detection scheme applies something like a histogram equalisation, in a non-lineair space to add injury to insult, and that's no writer's intention.

Certainly automatic per-sample autoscaling is not appropriate for simple photometric data.

So, it seems that an 'anything goes as I'll detect it anyway' just isn't a valid option, not with interchange in mind, and not for progressive streamed handling of big images in any case.

I disagree. If the objective is interchange with the family of geospatial and scientific raster viewing applications it is still very useful. It is less so if the objective is display in photo viewers. I disagree that dynamic scaling is impractical for large images.

There is a certain inherent tension between those who think of TIFFs and images in general in photometric terms, and those who think of them as a container for transporting all sorts of gridded scientific data. But we need to recognize they are both legitimate applications.

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