2006.12.18 17:57 "[Tiff] compiling libtiff using libjpeg under windows", by alexander johnson

2006.12.23 06:01 "Re: [Tiff] Re: Order of Image IFD and Strip Data (Joris)", by Anurag Singh

On 12/22/06, Priyanshu Sharma <priyanshu.sharma@gmail.com> wrote: > Anurag,

In case you are not talking about the exact replica of the file but the image, then the order of blocks wont make any difference unless their offsets are not properly maintained in the differnet tags defined in the IFD.

Priyanshu, I got the all points whatever Joris had expained. Actually I am doing some thing with tiff but with the concern that image would not change drastically. I have made my own tool which can compare any tiff image tag by tag and all data stream also. So, I want minimize the changes during rewriting, even At this moment, i cant avoid changes such offests of IFDs etc.

No problem dear. I know the image is still same. But, I have pay extra effort during testing.