2007.11.09 02:28 "[Tiff] labeling/watermark", by Ron Croonenberg

2007.11.11 11:39 "Re: [Tiff] labeling/watermark", by Toby Thain

On 11-Nov-07, at 2:42 AM, Ron Croonenberg wrote:

Well the images are produced as a result of simulations. They are created directly from raw data. When the image gets created I want to print some "characteristics" in a corner. (Many moons ago there was something called Borland C, and that had a function settext (or something like that). You'd choose a font, a location and basically put text on the screen. I want something similar. if it puts the text in a bitmapped buffer than that's fine I (probably) can get that on the Tiff image when it's created.

If I have to convert images and use all kinds of tools and different libraries the "thing" probably becomes to big to conveniently run on a cluster.

libgd may help. http://www.libgd.org/Main_Page


I want to make sort of a "label" in/on a TIFF image. (so that it looks like I put a transparent a label with text on the image in a corner.)

I don't know of any TIFF-specific utilities that do this. This is more a general image manipulation thing. What I'd probably do is convert the TIFF to PNM, put the text on it using pbmtext/pnmcomp or ppmlabel, then convert it back to TIFF. I'm sure ImageMagick and other generic image manipulation libraries have something for you too.


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