2007.01.15 18:49 "[Tiff] Windows CE port in CVS", by Mateusz Loskot

2007.01.16 12:25 "Re: [Tiff] Windows CE port in CVS", by Mateusz Loskot

Currently, I submitted only changes to libtiff sources. I've not added any makefile/project file yet.

I think, later I'll add README.WINCE file with description about what sources to compile, so everyone will be able to configure project file, makefile, Jamfile, whatever, on his own, instead of providing one of them in the CVS.


Small update here.

I put Visual C++ 2005 project files for LibTIFF port for Windows CE on my website.

If anyone is interested, here they are:


NOTE: If you're going to use these project files, please *read* the README.txt file!

I think there is no need to mess the LibTIFF CVS repository with these project files, so I'll maintain them on my website.

Mateusz Loskot