2007.01.25 04:05 "[Tiff] Old TIFF format", by James R. Ruzinok

2007.01.25 04:05 "[Tiff] Old TIFF format", by James R. Ruzinok

A friend of mine scanned several images with a Mustek scanner in the mid-90's on Window's 95 with a program called something like FAScinato Photo Stacker Pro made by Media House. The software came with the scanned and it was one of the first scanners available for PC's. These files are not able to be read on current OS's. I have dug through the specifications for TIFF version 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, along with geotiff, and the TIFF F and F-EX. What I am seeing in these files doesn't agree with these documents and I'm hoping someone on this list is familiar with the file structure of these files. Here is what I am seeing:

Offset (hex) Value (hex)

0000                 4949

0002                 2a00

0004                 00000000

0008 800401e1

000C f0900810

0010 75378f57

0014 6bb5c2d9

0018 44ac4c1f

001C 4ac9a3e1

. 1,343,873 bytes for file size.

After this there are no TIFF tags or IFD's, it appears to be binary data. >From what I read the compression was not applied to the tags but to the tag values. It seems odd that the last IFD marker

I have tried reading this with several image editing/reading programs and all complain about the format.

If anyone knows how to read these the help would be greatly appreciated as the images were scanned in for a genealogy project and originals are no longer available.

Thanks in advance,