2007.12.14 19:57 "[Tiff] tiffcp ciorruption problem", by Declan Shanaghy

> Hello list,
> I come to you with a problem that has been wrecking my head now for at
> least a week.
> I have two machines, both with the same version of libtiff installed
> (Version 3.8.2)

> The problem is that tiffcp is producing different output on both machines > from the same input files.

> The machines are called "one" and "two".
> I'm considering the output from "two" to be correct (at least it works as
> i need it to for sending with hylafax)
> On "one", the output tiff (one.tiff) has XResolution field set to 0 and
> when displayed with
> MS document imaging appears to be wider than it is long (its supposed to
> be 8.5x11)
> The XResolution of 0 causes hylafax to reject the file.
> It's beyond me at this point, why this is happening.
> If anyone can shed an iota of light in my direction i will be forever
> grateful.

The files are available here if you wish to look http://www.shanaghy.com/filetesting.zip

> Thanks,
> Declan Shanaghy