2008.01.23 22:12 "[Tiff] tiff2pdf converting multi-page tiffs out of order", by Andrew V. Royappa

2008.01.24 03:04 "Re: [Tiff] tiff2pdf converting multi-page tiffs out of order", by Bob Friesenhahn

  This file http://vs.spiralfx.com/msd2.tif is converted by tiff2pdf into this
 file http://vs.spiralfx.com/msd2.pdf, but the pages in the PDF file are out
 of order.

  a) Is this the right place to report such a bug, or should I register and
 use the bugzilla link referenced on the man page?

It is good that you reported the issue here, but it is definitely wise to register and add a full bug report in Bugzilla. The known tiff2pdf bugs continue to build up.

  b) Is this program being actively maintained at a pace where this could
 expect to be fixed in a day or two (if it's an easy fix), or is the
 development cycle much longer?

The library and programs are being maintained but on an "as time permits" basis on an intermittent schedule so you should not expect a fix in a day or two. The problem might even still exist a year from now. If you are willing to pay money for the fix, it is likely that someone here would be interested in fixing the bug quickly.

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