2008.01.21 19:38 "[Tiff] How to clip an image with LibTiff", by

2008.01.26 00:03 "Re: [Tiff] Tiffcrop and tiff2pdf", by Richard Nolde

   There may have been some bugs in the original release but no one else
has reported this problem. Could you send me the image in question or a
URL where I can download it?
Your images may lack some tags that are needed to compute the proper
offsets. Please send a Tiffinfo and Tiffdump for the files before and
after running Tiffcrop directly to me.
Also run tiffcrop --help and send me the output.

The margins are calculated as the number of Pixels/Inches/Cm that you wish to remove from the image.

Left would be your X coordinate of the origin

Top would be your Y coordinate of the origin

Bottom would be Height - Top margin - Image Height

Right would be Width - Left - Image width.

   My bar code reader may be available at some point (I have to check
with my boss) but it only reads code128 bar codes.

   My environment is AIX 5.3 on an IBM P570 and I have had no issues
with my code on AIX or Linux on Intel.

Have you tried downloading the CVS release of libtiff and extracting Tiffcrop.c from it?


I'm trying to crop other areas from the image but I've

 some problems.

First it seems that the -X and -Y flag have no effect. Starting from your suggested parameters (option 2): tiffcrop -E top -U px -m 1200,100 -X 1500 -Y 500 the progmam always generate the same distorted image witt any value of XY (even if they are missing the resulting image is the same).

The parameter in the option 1 -m 1200,100,1804,876 gives a clear image; I've tried with different top,left values and the topleft area varies accordingly but I cannot understand hou to calculate the bottom,right values.


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