2007.03.08 09:38 "[Tiff] (no subject)", by W Bradford Paley

Dear all,

I'm a Windows LibTIFF newbie, compounded by the fact that I'm re-learning C++ after a decade of hacking Java... Making progress, though.

I want to save images I create in an Open GL window as TIFFs, and have run the Setup program I found at the top of the download list on the page: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/tiff.htm

I downloaded libtiff3.dll and jpeg62.dll and copied them to my SYSTEM32 directory when I couldn't run my compiled program; after dutifully adding the LibTiff header and linking stuff in my Visual Studio 7.1 Project Properties page. The program runs fine now. So far so good.

But when I execute the lines
         char buffer[1024 * 768];
         TIFF *tiff;
         if ((tiff = TIFFOpen("output.tif", "w")) == NULL) {
                 cout << "could not open output.tif for writing\n";

TIFFOpen always returns the NULL that gives me the answer (42), not the image.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? What simple thing am I missing?

Kind Regards,

P.S. I believe/hope this is the right place to ask this question, and have checked the only FAQ I found that seemed relevant. If there's a better place for met to ask.search, please tell me?

W. Bradford Paley

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