2008.01.21 19:38 "[Tiff] How to clip an image with LibTiff", by

2008.01.25 14:41 "Re: [Tiff] Tiffcrop and tiff2pdf", by beppe costagliola

Hi Richard,

I'm trying to crop other areas from the image but I've

 some problems.

First it seems that the -X and -Y flag have no effect. Starting from your suggested parameters (option 2): tiffcrop -E top -U px -m 1200,100 -X 1500 -Y 500 the progmam always generate the same distorted image witt any value of XY (even if they are missing the resulting image is the same).

The parameter in the option 1 -m 1200,100,1804,876 gives a clear image; I've tried with different top,left values and the topleft area varies accordingly but I cannot understand hou to calculate the bottom,right values.



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