2005.06.07 20:52 "[Tiff] EXIF and PS Layer copy question", by Quart-EDV

2005.06.08 16:53 "Re: [Tiff] Re: EXIF and PS Layer copy question", by Quart-EDV

I see it is not that easy to copy the exif tag in one GetField/SetField-way, cause the tag is an IFD itself. Do anybody has a sample how to solve this problem with libtiff and write an EXIF_IFD embedded in my copied file?

The answer to this is changing...

The development ChangeLog for the forthcoming libtiff release claims that EXIF IFD tags are supported. I have not tried using this feature yet to see how well it works in practice.

Hi Bob,

I am working with version 3.7.1 and had problems to compile 3.7.2 on my macs with os 10.3.9. Do you write about version 3.7.3? When is the release date for this version or is it possible to get a preview of it?