2005.05.29 18:50 "[Tiff] Hyperlinks", by Chux Amobi

2005.05.29 19:26 "Re: [Tiff] Hyperlinks", by Bob Friesenhahn

With a TIFF of a U.S. city's streets for example, can hyperlinks be added (maybe using tags) so that clicking a certain point on the map would cause information about that location to pop up in another window?

I saw an application that does this, but don't know if the hyperlinks were part fo the TIF or a 2nd layer on top of the TIF.

There are ways of using a server-side or client-side "imagemap" to accomplish this via a web browser, but very few web browsers are able to load TIFF files. This is done using HTML and the image itself is not actually involved.

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