2005.06.21 14:53 "[Tiff] VS7.1 compile problems", by Thom DeCarlo

2005.06.23 12:44 "RE: [Tiff] VS7.1 compile problems", by Thom DeCarlo

Hi Andrey,

You are, of course, absolutely correct. I'm not sure what I did to get the package into a condition that it wouldn't compile. But, after deleting everything and getting an absolutely clean cvs download, libtiff compiles without errors.

However, I'm still getting a few undefined externs when linking the sample applications. For example:

tiffinfo.c(66) : warning C4013: 'getopt' undefined; assuming extern
returning int
tiffinfo.c(83) : warning C4013: 'strcasecmp' undefined; assuming extern
returning int

Thanks for your patience,

Thom DeCarlo
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