2006.03.31 05:49 "[Tiff] 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit BMP/TIF ???", by Chris L.

2006.03.31 16:34 "RE: [Tiff] 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit BMP/TIF ???", by Bob Friesenhahn

On Fri, 31 Mar 2006, Pallek, Bernie: #CIPO - OPIC wrote:

Yes, and this built in support does not apply the desired square root so probably all that you would get is a blown-out or all-black image. :-)

Hmm... might be cool to write a user-defineable function that gets called on each pixel to do some kind of modification. Yeah, it's expensive to make a call for each pixel, and yes, one would have to consider the different formats -- function for each? or must the function be "smart" and behave differently according to the current format? etc -- but if it could done cleanly, it would probably be pretty handy. *shrug*

Yes, but from my understanding, the requested operation is the same as applying a gamma correction of 2.0 such as would be used to convert from 'linear light' space to a gamma corrected space. This sort of operation is already available in many image processing packages which support TIFF.

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