2006.03.31 05:49 "[Tiff] 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit BMP/TIF ???", by Chris L.

2006.04.02 08:03 "Re: [Tiff] 16-bit TIFF to 8-bit BMP/TIF ???", by Chris L.


Sorry for the late reply. What I am getting with most software packages is an entirely black image. Is there a way of veiwing the data form teh 16-bit unsigned TIFF without libtiff automatically converting to 8-bit i.e. view 16-bit data? I can manually convert all values using a square root (changing into the desired 8-bit 0-255 whilst keeping proportions).

   This may be a slow memory inefficient method but at
this stage I would like this functionality.

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Thankyou for the replies.

--- Edward Lam <edward@sidefx.com> wrote:

Yes, and this built in support does not apply the desired square root so probably all that you would get is a blown-out or all-black image. :-)

I totally missed the part about the square root! Ignore everything I said (except for the link). :)

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