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I cannot seem to create a planar Separate Tiff. One strip is all R bytes then the next is all green bytes then the next is all Blue bytes. Say i have three strip image i have many rows(rows*strips=Image Length). I mean exactly 3 strips with no extra couple of rows at the bottom. Do i set the first strip to all Red bytes, the next to all green and the next to all blue. I am using TiffWriteEncodeStrip to write each strip. Is this correct?. Then if i do this should my output be correct or is my method wrong?. Sorry if this is a silly question because maybe i am doing something wrong in my pogram if themethod above is right......

I think you have the correct idea. Are you remembering to set PhotometricInterpretation (262) to RGB (2)? Perhaps you can run tiffdump on your resulting file, and check to make sure that everything "looks right" (or post the results to the list for others to check over).

Take note that planar config is not part of baseline support according to the 6.0 spec, so some readers might not support it.