2006.01.19 21:31 "[Tiff] Compilation of libtiff 3.8.0", by Alexis Gatt

Hi guys,

I ran into some trouble while trying to compile libtiff using Microsoft nmake(WinXP SP2, VC++ 8.0). It is said that support for JPEG and ZIP should be enabled/disabled in nmake.opt, but compilation fails if one choses not to enable support for them. Essentially, the compiler grumbles that the headers for jpeg and zip cannot be found, this because JPEG_SUPPORT and ZIP_SUPPORT are defined anyway. I saw that they are defined in tiffconf.h, but commenting them also failed. The quick and dirty way I found was to add #undef JPEG_SUPPORT right before #ifdef JPEG_SUPPORT in the jpeg header, and similarly for the zip and pixar headers. Also, the 3 #undef lines needs to be also added to the codec header. Hope that helps.


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