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2018.05.11 21:15 "Re: [Tiff] LZ4 compression", by Even Rouault

On vendredi 11 mai 2018 16:54:00 CEST Kemp Watson wrote:

Interesting about cloud-optimized GeoTIFF; I wasn't aware of the project - we've been doing exactly that for 12 years with our ZIF format (although we used to need a bit of server-side Javascript before range-requests, in the pre-BigTIFF version). See http://zif.photo.

Ah I'm discovering ZIF...

I see that you use Compression=34933 for PNG. Is that officially registered? Anyway, would be worth having it 'reserved' in tiff.h (I guess libtiff can be a decent registry...). Do you mind issuing a pull request for that, so at least no one steps over that one?

From your experience, PNG offers better compression than DEFLATE? Probably due to the 2D filters?

For COG, a JavaScript client has been released just yesterday: https://geotiffjs.github.io/cog-explorer/

So much duplication of effort since the Internet - connection is not communication.

Was probably worse *before* the Internet :-)

The issue here is that we belong to 2 different 'sub-communities' of TIFF, which makes unwanted fragmentation more prone.

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