2006.12.16 10:14 "[Tiff] Order of Image IFD and Strip Data", by Anurag Singh

2006.12.19 13:59 "Re: [Tiff] Order of Image IFD and Strip Data", by Joris Van Damme


Please help me, it's really very important for me to know that is there any posibility to specify order. I had already read tif_open.c but didn't get such kind of option. Please tell me about the possibility.

There is no such possibility to the best of my knowledge.

You keep asking for support for operations on TIFF that totally go against the spirit of TIFF. TIFF has no concept of order of data blocks, all blocks are relocatable, thus two files with the exact same blocks in a different order, are exactly the same TIFF. Even if someone would be willing to add the requested functionality and let you determine the order of blocks, I'd vote against any such code in LibTiff.

Suppose you'd find support to do this. Next, you'll be faced with TIFF files with 'holes' in them that are a consequence of 'deleting' IFDs or 'updating' tag data or such, i.e. spaces in the file that are not pointed to. You'll be asking for support for copying meaningless garbage.

Suppose you'd find support to deal with that, too. Next, you'll be faced with TIFF files of writers that don't align properly, i.e. don't start separate blocks of data on mulitples of 2 or 4 bytes. And you'll be asking for support to misalign.

The mess is endless. If you want to work with TIFF, understand and comply with its spirit, because its spirit is a consistent whole and any violation of it results in an avalanche of problems, many of which you will not be able to foresee.

I've said this before, like I asked you before to quote properly and post plain text only. If you want someone's help, it's a good idea to try and understand their replies. If you don't agree with those replies, well, then feel free to disagree, and bare the consequences that I'm sure you fully thought through.

Best regards,

Joris Van Damme
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