2008.01.21 19:38 "[Tiff] How to clip an image with LibTiff", by

2008.01.29 04:17 "[Tiff] Problems with tiffcrop", by Richard Nolde

   I have downloaded the latest CVS and it appears that Andrey made some
changes to silence compiler warnings that might not have been benign. I
have isolated the problem to the margin calculations and/or the -U px
options. You will need the latest CVS once I am done or I can send you
the raw source file and you can insert it into your build tree and link
with whichever version of libtiff you are using.

You should be able to test the version of libtiff that you have with the following tiffcrop -U in -X 8.0 -Y 6.0 Inputfile.tif Outfile.tif to get a 4" x 6" section from the top left of the image. There is something wrong with the -U px option that is not doing the calculation correctly and/or there is a rounding error introduced by Andrey's modifications. I will let you know when I figure it out.