2007.10.04 18:47 "[Tiff] Pink pages with tiff2pdf -j", by Chris Gentle

2007.10.05 20:22 "Re: [Tiff] Pink pages with tiff2pdf -j", by Chris Gentle

On Thu, Oct 04, 2007 at 01:47:31PM -0500, Chris Gentle wrote:

tiffcp *.tif /tmp/zzz.tif
tiff2pdf -j /tmp/zzz.tif > zzz.pdf

I want to thank everyone who jumped in and helped out with my problem. It's refreshing to find a mailing list that is actually helpful.

It looks like editing each PDF file in a text editor and changing

ColorTransform 0


ColorTransform 1

makes my PDF files display correctly, regardless of the viewing application I use. So far I've tested this with acroread, kpdf and ghostscript with good results. This change should be easy enough to do with sed.

If anyone knows a reason why this solution would be wrong then please let me know. Otherwise, I'll proceed with filtering all my files across sed to repair them.

Thanks again!