2005.11.23 02:32 "[Tiff] libtiff and over 4GB files", by Frank Warmerdam

2006.01.18 02:15 "[Tiff] TIFF formats Libtiff supports", by Katrina Maramba


I just wanted to know if Libtiff supports all these TIFF formats:

· JPEG Baseline TIFF 24-bit RGB uncompressed interleaved
TIFF 24-bit YCbCr uncompressed interleaved ·
TIFF 24-bit RGB packbits interleaved ·
TIFF 8-bit gray uncompressed/packbits ·
TIFF 8-bit palette color uncompressed/packbits ·

TIFF 1-bit uncompressed/packbits/1D Huffman

 Kindly make sure I am copied on the reply because I am no longer subscribed to this list. Thank you!

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