2006.03.31 15:13 "[Tiff] tiff2rgba misbehavior?", by bugs bunny

this has been an issue for me for a while, but only now have i taken the time to write about it

everytime i use tiff2rgb -n on any file, be it rgb, rgba, cmyk, it seems to use the red value as the alpha value leaving everything pink

is this an endianness issue?

- i'm using a powerpc processor

is my system set up incorrectly?

- macosx 10.2

or something else and i'm just a noob?

attached are the input files and the resulting files from tiff2rgba -n

gradient-rgb.tiff is photometric rgb, 256 grays, and no alpha channel gradient-rgba.tiff is photometric rgb, 256 grays, and an alpha channel output-rgb.tiff and output-rgba.tiff are the resulting output from tiff2rgba -c none -n (they are the same)

any and all help is greatly appreciated
-- paul

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