2005.05.31 20:01 "[Tiff] tiffopen problems continue...", by Antoine

2005.05.31 21:01 "[Tiff] Re: tiffopen problems continue...", by Antoine

I have decided that in spite of libtiff3.dll looking like it should be able to be called from vb as is, I would try to write a c++ wrapper that I could call that would in turn call the necessary functions. I thought at least it would stop vb crashing on me, no such luck. I have created a test dll that compiles, but when I put in the tiffopen I am back to square one. If I comment out the tiffopen/close lines then when I call the function from vb I get a message box with whatever I pass to it, no crashing, no warnings.

Does anyone have a vc++6 project/workspace that doesn't crash that they could send to me (or post somewhere) that calls libtiff simply like this (exe, dll, whatever) so I can check my system isn't borked somehow? I can compile 3.7.2 from the cl, but when I add any of the files (from the tools, for example) to a project it starts crying about unexpected end of file when searching for precompiled header directives...



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