2018.05.11 01:43 "[Tiff] LZ4 compression", by fx HAYAKAWA MICHIO

2018.05.11 19:50 "Re: [Tiff] LZ4 compression", by Bob Friesenhahn

Development libtiff now supports Facebook's Zstandard (zstd) compression which is pretty fast and does seem to be effective with image data.

One other alternative is use of filesystem-level compression. I've been using ZFS with no compression, lz4 and gzip compression of various levels. The advantages of having it at the filesystem level are complete transparency at the application level, including memory mapping, with the writer and reader not needing to take any action to do the compression. This gives you all the benefits of LZ4 compression but without the need to alter libtiff or any of your own code. It's also very fast for lz4 (not so much for gzip; you'll need a decent CPU to avoid slowness).

Zfs with lz4 is good (and what I use) but libtiff does add additional smarts to re-arrange the data so that it is more easily compressed via its 'predictor' mechanism.

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