2019.01.05 17:14 "[Tiff] 1 line patch for patch-tiff2ps.c", by Julian H. Stacey

2019.01.05 17:14 "[Tiff] 1 line patch for patch-tiff2ps.c", by Julian H. Stacey

Hi tiff@lists.osgeo.org
2nd try after previous failure to tiff@lists.maptools.org
I have now sub'd tiff@lists.osgeo.org just to post this

The patch below for tiff2ps.c hopefully you can deal with?

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cc: freebsd-ports@FreeBSD.org, Richard Hwang <rhwang@bigpanda.com>,
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Subject: 1 line patch for ports/graphics/tiff/files/patch-tiff2ps.c
From: "Julian H. Stacey" <jhs@berklix.com>
cc: "Julian H. Stacey" <jhs@berklix.com>
Date: Wed, 26 Dec 2018 15:36:31 +0100

Here is is a 1 line patch, commenting out a bad return after a perhaps aprropriate error check,


It fixes FreeBSD current ports/graphics/tiff PORTVERSION=4.0.10 at 2018-12-26

Someone on CC please also feed it upstream to whoever is generic source maintainer beyond FreeBSD.

The return is commented out to stop tiff2ps converting a usable .tiff to a useless .ps

I retained warning: TIFFError(filename, "Inconsistent value of es: %d", es);

which may be appropriate, but it should be just a Warning not an Error.

tiff-4.0.3 on FreeBSD-9.2_RELEASE is OK. & works without error & needs no patch.

Crude test: fetch http://www.berklix.eu/~jhs/src/bsd/fixes/FreeBSD/ports/gen/graphics/tiff/files/tiff2ps-testdata.tif /usr/local/bin/tiff2ps tiff2ps-testdata.tif > tiff2ps-testdata.ps

My test environment:
 fetch http://www.berklix.eu/~jhs/src/bsd/fixes/FreeBSD/ports/gen/graphics/tiff/files/tiff2ps-testdata.jpg
 fetch http://www.berklix.eu/~jhs/src/bsd/fixes/FreeBSD/src/jhs/share/mk/berklix.mk
 fetch http://www.berklix.eu/~jhs/src/bsd/fixes/FreeBSD/src/jhs/share/mk/berklix2.mk
 cp berklix.mk berklix2.mk /usr/share/mk/
 echo ".include <berklix.mk>" > Makefile
 make DEBUG_BERKLIX_MK=yes tiff2ps-testdata.pdf

The various ports/ format converter utilities on FreeBSD use an assorted mis-match of defaults:

USA letter V. ISO A4, so maybe some of my macros are omitting to specify A4, & eg this fails too,

        /usr/local/bin/tiff2ps -p -a  -h11.6944 -w8.26389 

but while a warning is nice, an error producing an empty dummy .ps is not nice.


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