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June 2005

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2005.06.09 12:49 "TIFF save", by Matthias Lach
2005.06.09 14:55 "Re: TIFF save", by Joris Van Damme
2005.06.09 16:25 "Re: TIFF save", by Michel Salvagniac
2005.06.10 12:33 "WG: [Tiff] TIFF save", by Matthias Lach

2005.06.09 14:55 "Re: TIFF save", by Joris Van Damme


> but all stuff is in C-code - i like to see
> a delphi example to safe a file please.

The first few pages of Delphi-centered LibTiff docs are finished, though not yet
published. As LibTiff 3.7.2 is just around the corner, I plan to wait for that,
and update LibTiffDelphi and publish those first few pages soon after. Keep an
eye on I will next keep
adding to that Delphi-centered LibTiff tutorial and reference, in due time. I do
plan to add a lot of example code.

Essentially, the writing approach is not all that different from the reading
approach. TIFF files have strips are tiles, and whether you're reading or
writing them doesn't change that, so there's pretty much a writing equivalent
for each of the different reading strategies. It helps if you study TIFF itself,
to some degree; some TIFF understanding is very useful in learning to use

Also, the C code and Delphi code isn't all that different, either. You call the
same functions, and after struggling with syntax differences for half an hour,
you quickly get the hang of it as long as you don't give up somewhere in that
first half an hour when it might seem very impossible.

Also, there's a lot of C coding examples in the mailing list archive. Searching
for it over at, remember to try
and add 'Andrey' to your search query, as Andrey has been posting loads of
excellent example code for quite some time now. If you find anything in
particular that seems like exactly what you want, maybe you can narrow down on
any specific C->Pascal translation issues that might remain, and I'll be happy
to help you out (as long as it's not too general).

Finally, remember to also add to your favorites or
bookmarks. This, and the page you've mentioned,, are the main keys to learning
to use LibTiff.

> But i did not found a forum or so ....

I'm pretty sure people here generally feel this is a TIFF and LibTiff forum, and
whether you're C oriented or Delphi ObjectPascal oriented doesn't make much
difference. I'm a Delphi coder myself, and nobody ever told me this is the wrong
forum. So I would say you did find a forum now. Pleased to meet you.

> ( and execuse the bad english as well - thank thee ) :-)

No problem. Again, my english sucks, too, bigtime. Yours can't possibly be worse
then mine. But these are all very friendly, helpfull people that don't mind
meeting you halfway.

Joris Van Damme
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