2005.05.25 09:52 "[Tiff] How to Write a tif file with compression = COMPRESSION_JPEG & photometric = PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR ?", by Kelvin Zhong

2005.05.31 18:36 "Re: [Tiff] How to Write a tif file with compression=COMPRESSION_JPEG& photometric = PHOTOMETRIC_YCBCR ?", by Chris Cox

Have someone seen a ICC profile, a EXIF object, a BROUZOUF object, make something else than adding ambiguity? ( Don't say waste CPU cycles and RAID cylinders, I know ) :-)))

ICC profiles, many times. Of course if you embed the wrong profile, then it is going to mess out your image, but used properly works quite well.

I can understand "wrong" profile regarding things like colorspace description ( primaries, white point ....), less easily for "intents"...

And when a soft give me the choice between 3 CMS giving diffÈrents results for the same "rendering options" ( choosen from a dozen) I hardly deal with the concept of a "proper use".

If you've got a buggy CMS - that's a problem.

But it's a solvable problem, and not the fault of the ICC or the profiles.