2004.10.01 07:22 "[Tiff] BigTIFF extension issue", by Joris Van Damme

2004.10.01 17:50 "Re: [Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Frank Warmerdam

While LibTiff does not yet support BigTIFF, it could be very easy to nevertheless update it to already recognize at least the BigTIFF header already, and return the appropriate error message you mention here, instead of a generic 'not a tiff file' - ish error. Since many apps stay reasonably up to LibTiff date, that should already come a long way towards meeting your wish.


I concur. I will modify TIFFClientOpen() (called by TIFFOpen()) to report an appropriate message for big tiff files. This should appear in the 3.7.0 final release.

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