2004.10.01 07:22 "[Tiff] BigTIFF extension issue", by Joris Van Damme

2004.10.04 14:57 "Re: [Tiff] Re: BigTIFF extension issue", by Andy Cave

You are correct - I was asking for an example of where the format changed AND the file extension was changed. The BMP case is a good example of how to make things backwards compatible, but the file extension was not changed. A shame we just can't do this with TIFF. Also interesting to hear that some readers did get broke. And also interesting to 'hear' (interpreting comments) that presumably the authors of the new BMP 'format' still expected users to regard it as a BMP file - otherwise why call it BMP!?!

Joris was certainly "interpreting". I still do not have a good example, let alone a number of examples, where the file extension was changed that would cause me to drop my "it's a tiff file and .tif[f] is what a tiff file is called - so knoweth/sayeth the customer". However, I guess Joris is 'right' in that I mainly know about things in the 'public domain' and not in a single companys closed system.

I'm not trying to fight a particular corner here. Whatever happens the impact on me will be the same - have to extend our s/w to cope with it.