2004.09.28 15:26 "[Tiff] TIFF *TIFFOpenW(const wchar_t *name, const char *mode);", by Ian Ameline

2004.10.02 13:44 "Re: [Tiff] TIFF *TIFFOpenW(const wchar_t *name, const char *mode);", by Andrey Kiselev

While updating the version of LbTIFF that Sketchbook uses to 3.6.1, I once again noticed that besides the configuration and LZW stuff, there was one place where I was merging code -- A new function we have implemented called TIFFOpenW;

We produce a Japanese version of Alias Sketchbook, and on windows, to create or open files with Japanese filenames, you need to use wide characters. On Mac, we don't need to do this -- we just call TIFFOpen with a UTF8 character string and everything works nicely. Not so on Windows. So we created a function TIFFOpenW which is identical to TIFFOpen, but taking wchar_t * instead of char *. TIFFOpen becomes pretty vestigial in that it converts it's char string to wchar and calls TIFFOpenW.

I was wondering what everyone thought of rolling this up into libtiff 3.7.0 as a windows only function? (Saving me the work of merging again in the future :-)

Hello Ian,

I would like to incorporate your function in the further libtiff releases. Could you submit a Bugzilla report, simply copying your mail there?


Andrey V. Kiselev
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