2010.11.30 19:15 "[Tiff] Win32 ReadFile() / WriteFile() heads-up", by John Emmas

2010.12.01 05:15 "Re: [Tiff] Win32 ReadFile() / WriteFile() heads-up", by Bob Friesenhahn

I haven't looked into this very much *at all*, so what I am about to say could easily be *very* wrong. That being said, wouldn't changing libtiff to use read() and write() break large file handling (greater than 4GB) under Win32? If so, that would be a bad thing.

It is possible to use read() and write() with large files under Windows. GraphicsMagick does so. It works with Visual C++ but last time I tried with MinGW GCC it did not work because MinGW was not enabling the necessary APIs.

As far as libtiff using Windows file APIs goes, it can be "cured" by using TIFFClientOpen() to specify use of the desired file access APIs. This requires writing some tiny I/O wrapper functions.

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