2004.03.19 21:05 "[Tiff] libtiff - Request for U.S. Export Information", by GEAE Software License Manager

2004.03.20 03:29 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff - Request for U.S. Export Information", by Frank Warmerdam

GE Aircraft Engines is in the process of reviewing your software product libtiff.

In order to determine whether the software is subject to Federal Export Administration Regulations (EAR), we are requesting that you provide the Export Control Classification Number (ECCN) that classifies this software according to the Commerce Control List. This number is used to determine if an export license is required by the U.S. Department of Commerce in order for our company to export the software to our affiliates abroad and/or to provide access to our non-US citizen employees.

Dear Sharon/Cheryl/Cheylon/Angela,

I am afraid you have contacted an open source package community, not a corporation. Our community does not have dedicated legal staff, and I don't know if libtiff has, or does not have an ECCN.

If you feel a need to talk to a corporation, you could try contacting SGI (http://www.sgi.com) as the library was originally developed by their staff. They may have old information about any special legal standing.

I would note that many operating system vendors already distribute libtiff as part of their products, and many software vendors include libtiff in their products without ever having felt the need to inquire about ECCNs or other export related information. Perhaps you are being somewhat overzealous in your pursuit of full legal coverage.

Of course, if you were paying me something for the library, I might be inclined to look into the whole issue. However, as you are using it for free (like everyone else) I think I will concentrate on technical issues. If you are lucky, others on this mailing list who are more intimately involved in US export control legalities may choose to speak up on how their corporations handled it.

Good luck,

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