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April 2004

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2004.04.20 14:15 "hi", by Ks Negi
2004.04.20 14:42 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme
2004.04.20 16:09 "Re: hi", by Gerben Vos
2004.04.20 17:46 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme
2004.04.21 14:55 "Re: hi", by Frank Warmerdam
2004.04.22 21:37 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme

2004.04.20 14:42 "Re: hi", by Joris Van Damme

> sir
> Please don't send tiff related massage anymore in my mail.
> thanks
> negi

What you intend to do is called unsubscribing. You need to address the mail bot
with your request, not a 'sir', and not the entire list.

From every single message header:
List-Unsubscribe: <>,

From the footer of every proper plain text (!!) mail:
Tiff mailing list

Another source on how to do this is the very first mail you received when

Suggestion to Frank and his software:
- Is an update available that appends footers the correct way, being to the
proper parts of MIME messages, not just the bottom of the message which is part
of no MIME part and thus not ever seen. The new generation of posters doesn't
even know what plain text is, mails bloat ugly MIME HTML without even being
aware, and thus we are seeing the footer appended only to old-time poster mails
these days.
- Is it an option to have this footer explicitaly refer to the
mailman/listinfo/tiff page as a way to unsubscribing, to cure this old problem
of people not knowing/remembering how and get angry in the end?
- Someone suggested to have this footer also point to the new archive, a while
ago, maybe now is the time to consider that? IIRC, you responded that was an
option as soon as I was satisfied with the archive and it was being
auto-updated. I am, and it is, sort-off.
- Another old discussion: why is the standard reply-to the original sender, and
not the list? This is troublesome, messages are sent privatly to people that are
subscribing to a public list, valuable messages are not received by the list by
mistake, and holes appear in the archives...

Joris Van Damme
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