2008.06.16 08:56 "[Tiff] Split one single strip into multiple strips in a single Tiff file", by Rob Eisink

2008.07.23 23:23 "Re: [Tiff] Converting from Jpeg compressed Tiff", by Chris Cox

Well, are they old-JPEG (TIFF 6 spec, buggy) or new JPEG (technote 1) encoded in the TIFF files?

Where did the failing images come from?

What version of LibTIFF are you using?

Did you compile it with JPEG (old or new) support?


On 7/23/08 4:05 PM, "Argo Abramian" <Argo.Abramian@brandwizard.com> wrote:

in my asp.net web application I need to be able to generate jpegs

 I can process using various programs but all of them fail when dealing
 with JPEG compressed tiff files. Any help would be greatly appreciated.