1997.06.12 03:05 "Adding Text to TIFF", by Roblin Gareth


I am fairly new to the world of TIFF and am wondering if the following is possible OR if anyone has ideas how the following may be implemented.

I have TIFF files that are requested via the web.

When a TIFF image is requested I want to be able to add text to the TIFF image. I want to be able to add this text on the fly as I send the image out to the requestor. The reason I need to do this on the fly is because the text that needs to appear is always changing, but not the underling image is not. Preferably I want the text to be part of the TIFF image. Preferably I want to be able put a very small line of text at the bottom of the image.

Is there any way I can achieve this? Are there any applications out there that might be able to help me do this?

Any ideas at all would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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