1994.12.15 05:34 "TIFF File Naming Conventions/Standards?", by Clark Brady

1994.12.15 05:34 "TIFF File Naming Conventions/Standards?", by Clark Brady

TIFF File Naming Conventions/Standards?

How many different file naming schemes have you run into? If you're like me every time you turn around I have to adopt/adapt to a new convention or variation of a convention.

Ever try to view multiple single page images that should viewed as one document? It can be impossible without the creator application or without opening each images individually. (Not cool!)

Since the naming convention tends to indicate sorted page order, it would be nice to standardize. However, since it's difficult to force standards it would be better to identify the naming convention and page through as if a multi-page tiff were used.

The tendency to use (brain-dead, lowest common denominator) eight-dot-three DOS file names limits the possible conventions however there are still too many choices.

Alternative could include:

  1) ########.tif    2) HHHHHHHH.tif    3) ZZZZZZZZ.tif
  4) ########.###    5) HHHHHHHH.HHH    6) ZZZZZZZZ.ZZZ
  7) batchnum.###    8) batchnum.HHH    9) batchnum.ZZZ

  where  # = decimal, 0-9   H = hexadecimal, 0-F   Z = alphadecimal?, 0-Z

Then there's the problem of grouping files together - Normally taken care of by placing all related files into a single directory and then ordering the directories using yet another scheme....Most often information is stored in a proprietary database.

The following question come to mind when considering this topic.

Q1) Do any standards/recommendations exist? These might be public or company specific.

Q2) What other examples exist for naming schemes?

Q3) What group or organization could help set and communicate standards? Would it make sense to propose a parallel document to the TIFF standard?

I would like to propose a discussion on tiff file naming standards that would cover these and similar related questions. I'd be happy to consolidate responses if that makes sense.

I would also be happy to do some development on a common API that could help eliminate this type of problem. A frame work might include functions for: number of pages, filename of next/prior page, scheme identity. The frame work might also include definition for a document description file (this would be to documents what tags are to tiff...)

Brain Bender....Ever want to move files from one location/directory to another...how can this be done? Brute force of course, but shouldn't an alternative exist? How about the case where a single page of a multi-file images (on WORM or CD) needs to be replaced?

This is another area to investigate. Alternatives include:

  1. Complete file description - server,volume,directories
  2. Local file description - volume,directories
  3. Abstracted file description - pseudo-volume, directories

What other alternatives exist?

Hope this is enough to start some discussions....

Thanks for reading this long message!

Clark Brady - Eli Lilly & Company - 317-277-1769