1999.08.25 13:53 "contrib/tags gone?", by Roar Bergheim

1999.08.26 04:42 "Re: contrib/tags gone?", by Niles Ritter

Anyway I have had some problems with it when trying to add several double tags. It seems to work when i change it to *double on Sun Solaris 2.6, but on RedHat Linux 6.0 that won't work either.

Anyone with the same problems?

I have added contrib/tags back into the contrib tree in CVS... I don't know why it was lost.

From what I read the new version of libtiff was a merge of two branches of code, so it probably fell through when they were merged. Good to hear it's back in...

I don't follow your problem with doubles. Perhaps you could directly email me a more specific explanation of what you are doing and what is going wrong.

My tag-extending code should work on RH 6.0, although I haven't tested it. My home box is RH 5.2 and the GeoTIFF extensions (which use the tag extender) work on it just fine -- it makes extensive use of arrays of double's.