1998.05.13 09:00 "Reading the MAN documentation under WinNT4", by Gilles Vollant

1998.05.13 09:14 "Re: Reading the MAN documentation under WinNT4", by Rob Tillaart

It's not a 100% Libtiff question:

There is a MAN directory in libtiff, with documentation in MAN format.

Do you known where I can found a tool for reading this documentation under Windows NT?

Try the groff from gnu, this is (often) freeware with sources. Gnu sources can be found on many sites www.fsf.org a.o.

There is a UNIX-toolkit from MKS which is probably also available under NT which should do the job. I've used this toolkit under DOS years ago. See also www.mks.com.

There should be many more implementations but these are the two I recall.

Rob Tillaart

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