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2003.11.16 22:37 "[Tiff] reading Affymetrix tiff images", by sridhar duggireddy
2003.12.30 00:47 "RE: [Tiff] problems with custom TIFF", by Pushkar Pradhan
2003.12.30 01:09 "Re: [Tiff] problems with custom TIFF", by Joris
2003.12.31 11:40 "Re: [Tiff] problems with custom TIFF", by Andrey Kiselev

2003.12.30 01:09 "Re: [Tiff] problems with custom TIFF", by Joris

Here's mail with > prefix, I was using "Indent original messages on replies and forwards" but it seems that not all can see that indent. I wasn't sure how much to remove from the original post so I mailed the whole messages.

That's a lot more efficient and easier to read. Thank you for noticing my remark.

As to the 'Indent original messages...', I think I recognize that to be an option in the terrible outlook... Well, if it were up to M$ we would be posting MIME messages of many dozens of kilobytes containing one alternative part that is Word HTML containing tons of proprietary M$ garbidge, and this to communicate two or three lines of plain text data. That adds up to about 0.1% efficiency, and it's not possible to post-process with anything but M$ software to an acceptable degree.

Though even plain and tide HTML can often not be properly automatically marked as quote by terrible outlook... Yet another reason to use plain text, I think.

Users are not supposed to even notice these issues. But us coders are to format-aware and efficient to produce and send garbadge, aren't we? We just love plain text and good quoting guidelines like instead. This enables us to efficiently post-process and digest and all. Frank's mailing list software is loving us for that!

I know, I'm nagging. I'll shut up now. ;-) Thanks again for acknowledging my remark, though.