2009.07.17 00:42 "[Tiff] Compression algorithm does not support random access.", by Bob Friesenhahn

2009.08.21 17:10 "Re: [Tiff] libtiff 4.0.0beta3", by Bob Friesenhahn

There have been noteworthy fixes since the last beta.

Bob, would you be willing to roll out a 4.0.0 beta?

I am willing to do this work but I don't think the code-base is quite ready yet. It is a requirement that 'make distcheck' succeed and this is not happening yet. Issues are likely trivial. Also, it is necessary to assure that various submitted security patches have been applied. I don't receive notifications from Bugzilla when new bugs are submitted (and don't know how to enable that) so I am not sure how many such patches have been submitted.

For people who don't pay attention to libtiff CVS, it is evident that libtiff CVS is kept pretty well maintained and current even if libtiff releases are slow to appear.

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