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1994.07.28 22:06 "Re: printing TIFF", by Doug Vanderwilt

Besides Xionics, here is another company with products that can print compressed TIFF directly:

    JRL Systems, 8305 Highway 71 W, Austin, TX 78735
    (512)288-6750 FAX(512)288-7676 (800)PLOTNOW

Newer HP LaserJet printers will accept packbits compressed image data (in PCL5 or later, I think) but they don't do scaling or rotations.

On a somewhat related issue Kevin Clark writes:
> Does anyone out there know of a product (or, even better, have any code)
> that will convert HP-PCL to either TIFF or PostScript. I would prefer
> a Unix solution rather than a Dos one.

HP SharedPrint has 'ilFilter' utility that should do this, but I'm not sure it's available on platforms other than HP-UX. Contact Hewlett Packard.

I'm not sure of much today because I'm just catching up on e-mail after vacation.

Doug Vander Wilt
Honeywell MICRO SWITCH Division