2008.05.08 05:43 "[Tiff] Inserting a new Tag to Tiff File", by Harsha

2008.05.13 11:49 "RE: [Tiff] Inserting a new Tag to Tiff File", by Tillaart, Rob van den

Hi Harsha,

No complete answer on your question but on this site a number of private tags are mentioned. It would be great if you would add information about your private tags too. http://www.awaresystems.be/imaging/tiff/tifftags/private.html

Private tags are difficult to handle as they can mean anything. If you do not know their meaning the savest strategy is not copying them at all. If you know the meaning of the tag (eg from site above) you can deduce if your modifications will 'corrupt' the private tag or not.

sofar my 2 cents,
rob tillaart


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Good Morning.

I have a Tiff file and I want to insert a my new private tag to existing Tiff file. One method is read Image data and all public Tags, write the Tiff Image along with Tiff file. But, If my Tiff file is having some other private tags and I don't have any info about those, then How to read them. Is is possible to know number of tags available in the Tiff File. Please help me.

Have a nice day,
Thanks and Regards


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