1997.05.02 18:26 "Converting a Text file (ASCII Text file) to TIFF file", by Ashok Muzumdar

1997.05.02 15:49 "Re: Converting a Text file (ASCII Text file) to TIFF file", by Sam Leffler

Our objective is to convert a Text file (ASCII Text file) to TIFF file. As a first step we have converted Text file to Windows BMP successfully. Now we are unable to convert BMP to TIFF. We have used LIBTIFFW library. Our program is creating the TIFF file. It can also be read from some other utility, but the image is distorted. We are unable to do the conversion. We are working in WinNT, VC++ environment.

I would appreciate, if some one can help us in converting. Are there any public domain software doing this??

My fax software does text->TIFF (TIFF/F) conversion by converting text to PostScript and then imaging to TIFF w/ a PS RIP, typically ghostscript. If interested look at http://www.vix.com/hylafax/ for info on the fax software.